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Painting Waves

In his fourth full length video Dutch clouds painter Janhendrik Dolsma steps out of his comfort zone and shares what he learned over the years about painting waves. He lets you in on the secrets of the first layers and how and when to paint your highlights.

Painting Storm Clouds

Three years after his previous video Janhendrik Dolsma introduces his Painting Storm Clouds tutorial. In this film he once again lets you in in the world of his art, sharing what he knows about painting clouds, from the use of color in dark areas to the dry brush technique.

Painting reflections

In his second tutorial video Dutch painter Janhendrik Dolsma talks about painting reflections. In his own words: "painting reflections isn't exactly easy, but it's no rocket science either. You just have to observe a few ground rules."

Dolsma has been an art teacher for years and he knows how to take you along in the creative process. From day to day you'll see the painting come to life, while Dolsma shares valuable insights on painting reflections.

"Seldom has there been an artist who grasps the profundity and majesty of 17th century Dutch landscapes as Dolsma has and thrust them forward into the 21st century with unrivaled gusto and courage."

Frank Speyers, Professor of Art and Art History

Painting clouds by layering

Ever since he graduated from Fine Art College Minerva Academy (The Netherlands) in 1973, Janhendrik Dolsma has been fascinated with painting clouds. He decided to share what he learned from a lifetime of painting in the tutorial video 'Painting Clouds by Layering'. In just over an hour he explains the technique of layering or glazing, while working on 'Beach With Cumulus Clouds'. Glazing is an ancient oil painting technique, where you paint transparent layers on top of each other. Clouds are soft and passing phenomena and layering is an excellent method to catch this in a painting.

"I give it an A+, exellent, very professional. Learned many things." (Rob from the USA)

"I enjoyed every minute of it. I must get the large stipple brush and the badger hair fan brush" (Paul from the UK)

"For the price of a hamburger this video teaches step by step what otherwise would take a lifetime to discover. Thank you for making this video available!" (Marc from the USA)

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